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What The Hell Is SafeLedger?

Our Shield Means Something!

How Does SafeLedger Work?

We like to be very clear on what SafeLedger can do and why you would use SafeLedger. Everyone knows cold storage is safe storage. Moving software wallets into a cold state can be hard. SafeLedger makes it easy. The software is designed to keep all your passwords organized, offline, and encrypted. SafeLedger works with any hardware or software wallet. In order to maximize the security of your data It was designed to be used when your computer is not connected to the internet. This makes it one of the most flexible, secure, and easy to use cold storage solutions on the market.

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Our most affordable option! Put SafeLedger software on your USB device. Includes free Lifetime upgrades for future releases. (If downloading for MAC you need to use a Windows VM to activate.)

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SafeLedger+ $25

Currently on back-order! The SafeLedger+ is our physical option with SafeLedger software pre-loaded and activated. The Water, Dust, and Shock resistant USB is made from zinc alloy. Comes with Lifetime Software upgrades.

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The SafeLedger Promise

SafeLedger uses the same encryption engine being used by Google and Microsoft. We also use a salted hash to obscure the information. We won't say it's impossible to hack. (We aren't McAfee!) But, we will promise if a vulnerability is found, we will make things right, with updated releases and bug fixes. Our aim is to give our customers the most secure offline ledger available.