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We've Gone Digital

You can download SafeLedger software but we have paused all sales of our done for you USB. We are working on something cool and want to focus on that. We don't want to say what it is yet but I think our community will really enjoy it. For now we want to streamline installation on the download and make new videos to follow for our simple install process. Thanks for your patience while we work on making SafeLedger better.

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What The Hell Is SafeLedger?

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Our Shield Means Something!

How Does SafeLedger Work?

We like to be very clear on what SafeLedger can do and why you would use SafeLedger. Everyone knows cold storage is safe storage. Moving software wallets into a cold state can be hard. SafeLedger makes it easy. The software is designed to keep all your recovery information, offline, and encrypted. SafeLedger works with any hardware or software wallet. In order to maximize the security of your data It was designed to be used when your computer is not connected to the internet. This makes it one of the most flexible, secure, and easy to use cold storage solutions on the market.

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Our most affordable option! Put SafeLedger software on your USB device. Includes free Lifetime upgrades for future releases. (If downloading for MAC you need to use a Windows VM to activate.)

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The SafeLedger Promise

SafeLedger uses the same encryption engine being used by Google and Microsoft. We also use a salted hash to obscure the information. We won't say it's impossible to hack. (We aren't McAfee!) But, we will promise if a vulnerability is found, we will make things right, with updated releases and bug fixes. Our aim is to give our customers the most secure offline ledger available.


What Is A Digital Paper Wallet?
SafeLedger is basically a paper wallet made digital. Unlike tradition hardware wallets, this does not create a new wallet address. Instead, you use your existing wallet information to create a recovery and cold storage solution. This information can be copied and stored on other devices for easy recovery of your SafeLedger. We thought of everything! (almost)

Can I Trust SafeLedger?
Absolutely! We own and operate in Tampa, Florida. Our team hard formats each device manually to ensure it is wiped clean. We also encrypt the data file using AES 256 in case it's ever lost. Also, you don't need internet and as an extra security measure, we also added a self destruct feature. If you get the password wrong too many times it's a data wipe on the drive. We think SafeLedger is one of the best options on the market for cold storage and recovery. 

Every Coin, Every Wallet. Really??
As long as you have the private key you are able to back up the information on SafeLedger. Some wallets don't give you the private keys. You can back up the log in credentials to those wallets, but we recommend you move those coins to a better wallet. If you have coins on an exchange we recommend using SafeLedger to store your log in credentials and 2FA recovery info in the notes section.

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