SafeLedger Marketing Kudos

Safe Ledger is a company that makes a cold storage solution and recovery device so you can safely and securely store your digital wallet information away from individuals that could hack your laptop or other device for the contents of your digital wallet. At the time of writing, I don't own any cryptocurrency, but this recent contest win is making me rethink perhaps owning a small amount in the future for a long term investment (I have been keeping an eye on the market). I was engaged by Safe Ledger and made aware of my winnings so they could send me the device.

The take aways from this approach:

  • I've shared my contest win with my social media followers proudly (because I never win anything!) which my friends congratulated me for and were made aware of the company
  • The company reached out and engaged with me though Facebook Messenger and additionally let me know that the BOGO (Buy One Get One) sale was on if I wanted more of their product
  • People who entered the contest can actually get one free (by purchasing one first) making them feel like they are in on the contest win

The point is, Safe Ledger had a marketing strategy in place to create awareness, engagement and conversions like I talk about in many of my articles. If you are going to run a contest or marketing campaign in general, have a strategy in place to make your advertising dollars work for you. If you want to know more about Safe Ledger, check them out here.

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